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    Access to our constantly growing library of livestream and pre-recorded workouts, with new classes added weekly.

  • 2-Week Strength & Sculpt Program

    10 videos  |   Rent $24.99   |   Buy $39.99

    Step into your strength & form your new favorite workout routine. 10 brand new classes - a carefully curated blend of strength training, pilates, HIIT and sculpt. All you'll need for this program is a pair of light weights and a pair of dumbbells. We recommend 1-3lbs and 8-15lbs.

    You can do the ...

  • 14 Day Transform Program

    14 videos  |   Rent $24.99   |   Buy $39.99

    Sometimes, all it takes is commitment. From 14 minutes to 40 minutes each day, this two week program has been carefully crafted to bring your awareness back to your breath and body, build endurance & strength, and show you how committing to 14 days can lead to a lifelong ritual of movement that f...

  • 5 Days of Full Body

    5 videos  |   Rent $19.99   |   Buy $24.99

    5 Signature Full Body classes:
    - Full Body Tone: full body sculpt workout with an emphasis on stretching, toning, and lengthening and no cardio or jumping.
    - Full Body HIIT: interval-training workout including cardio intervals, shadowboxing, and more.
    - Full Body Flow: yoga-inspired full body cla...

  • 5-Day Strong Core Program

    5 videos  |   Rent $7.99   |   Buy $11.99

    5 classes that blend HIIT, pilates & strength to target all major and minor abdominal muscles.

  • 5-Day Booty Challenge

    6 videos  |   Rent $6.99   |   Buy $12.99

    5 booty-focused classes + a lower body stretch class.

  • 5-Day Strength Program

    5 videos  |   Rent $12.99   |   Buy $17.99

    Get ready for some major fire. We're building strength in each muscle group in this program. Each class is under 30 minutes and uses a pair of medium & heavy weights.

  • 5-Day Pilates Program

    5 videos  |   Rent $12.99   |   Buy $17.99

    Discover the power of pilates in this 5-day program. Classes are all under 40 minutes, making this program easy to fit into your routine. It's time to slow down, come back to your breath, and fire up every major and minor muscle group! Equipment includes a slider, a pair of light weights, a pilat...

    12 videos  |   Rent $24   |   Buy $34


    12 videos  |   Rent $24   |   Buy $34

    A collection of the most favorited & loved TONE & MOVE classes! Classes range from 30-45 minutes, move to the beat of the music and sculpt & tone your entire body.
    Equipment for class: You'll need a slider, light weights, medium weights and a booty band. Some of the classes in this collection us...


    10 videos  |   Rent $9   |   Buy $18

    Come back to consistency with this 10-day reset program! Using minimal to no-equipment, you can start this program anywhere. Reinvigorate your motivation and daily movement practice with 10 classes in 10 days!

  • ABS & A**
    12 videos  |   Rent $19   |   Buy $24

    ABS & A**

    12 videos  |   Rent $19   |   Buy $24

    The best, most popular & loved ABS AND BOOTY MFH classes, now available to buy or rent. Using minimal-to-no equipment, these classes will sculpt & tone your core and glutes