2-Week Strength & Sculpt Program

2-Week Strength & Sculpt Program

Step into your strength & form your new favorite workout routine. 10 brand new classes - a carefully curated blend of strength training, pilates, HIIT and sculpt. All you'll need for this program is a pair of light weights and a pair of dumbbells. We recommend 1-3lbs and 8-15lbs.

You can do the program in two weeks or 10 days. We recommend following the order below, but feel free to do the classes in any order that feels best for you and your body.
Class 1: Full Body Tone
Class 2: Strength & Sculpt Arms
Class 3: Abs
Class 4: Full Body Strength
Class 5: Strength Booty
Class 6: Arms
Class 7: Full Body Tone
Class 8: Strength Abs
Class 9: Booty
Class 10: Full Body Strength

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2-Week Strength & Sculpt Program
  • 33 Minute Full Body Tone

    Grab a pair of light weights! After we warm up, we kick off class with abs on back, followed by a quick plank series. Then we move into tabletop glutes, and transition into standing lower body, with an arms intermission in between sides.

  • 17 Minute Strength & Sculpt Arms

    Grab a pair of dumbbells and a pair of light weights! We start with standing sculpt arms, move into an upper body strength block and finish out with more sculpt arms. No planking in this class!

  • 13 Minute Abs (No Planks)

    No equipment needed & no planks in this abs class. We target our three abdominal groups: obliques, transverse & rectus abs.

  • 22 Minute Full Body Strength

    Grab a pair of dumbbells; Jess is using 10lb weights. We incorporate compound exercises in this class to challenge your mind and build total body strength.

  • 19 Minute Strength Booty

    Grab a dumbbell!

  • 16 Minute Arms

    Grab a pair of light weights! We start out with a short, sweet plank series to fire up the upper body and then move into standing arms where we target all of the stabilizer muscles in our upper body to create long, lean arms.

  • 28 Minute Full Body Tone

    Grab a pair of light weights. This class is full of combos that will challenge both body and mind.

  • 23 Minute Strength Abs

    Grab a dumbbell! We work all of the major abdominal muscle groups in this circuit style class.

  • 23 Minute Booty

    No equipment needed! We work all of our major glute muscle groups by utilizing standing, side-lying, and tabletop movements.

  • 40 Minute Full Body Strength

    Grab a pair of dumbbells! We start out class with upper body, move into lower body & finish out with core. We blend in some cardio to this strength class to fire up all of our major muscle groups.